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Unbroken Wings Part of a three episode Video On Demand series. Documentary on Tuskegee Airman Lt. Col. Eldridge Williams and how he was able to soar in life despite racism in the military. Produced by Bonny Johnson....


Haunted Lighthouse © Comcast. Written, produced, videography, and editing by Dreamcatcher Media. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADvgvgzb4sY


Awards Dreamcatcher Media is proud to be associated with Comcast. Our collaboration on the 10-part series "Comcast Celebrates South Florida Black History" resulted in winning a prestigious 2010 NAMIC Vision Award....


Ghost Stories from Fire Station #3, Part 1Ghost Stories from Fire Station #3, Part 1 © Comcast Produced, Directed, Written, Videography, and Post Production by Dreamcatcher Media http://youtu.be/7aHHczInT64


Comcast Celebrates South Florida Black History

Dreamcatcher Media was proud to team up with Comcast on the 10-part series “Comcast Celebrates South Florida Black History”. This groundbreaking series won the prestigious 2010 NAMIC Vision Award in the category “Best Digitial Media-Short Form”. The series faced stiff competition but emerged triumphant over the other nominees BET Networks, and MTV Network’s two entrees […]

Ballroom Dancing-Ultimate Workout

From the Comcast “Get Local” Video-On-Demand 4-part series “Ballroom Dancing” featuring Dancing With the Star’s Karina Smirnoff. Produced by Bonny Johnson. ©Comcast

Doggie Park Do’s & Don’ts

From the Comcast “Get Local” Video On Demand series “Dog Days”this lighthearted segment is geared towards four-legged neophytes and instructs on proper behavior and how to make new friends at the dog park. Other segments in the series focuses on training, nutrition, and fashion…all for man’s (and woman’s) best friend. Produced by Bonny Johnson. ©Comcast

South Florida’s Best Beaches-Pompano Beach

Join Hawaiian surfing legend Kali Montero as he gets Florida newbies’ feet wet by them teaching how to surf. From Comcast’s 4-part Video On Demand series “South Florida’s Best Beaches”. Produced by Bonny Johnson. ©Comcast

Haunted Key West


Masters of Horror


Cracker Cribs

The early Florida pioneers (“Crackers”) perfected a highly functional style of architecture, features of which can be found on many homes today. A funky take on a historical topic. Video production by Dreamcatcher Media & Comcast for Comcast Video On Demand [(c) Comcast]

South Florida Black History Civil Rights

©Comcast. Segment from of 2010 Namic Award-winning series.