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Unbroken Wings Part of a three episode Video On Demand series. Documentary on Tuskegee Airman Lt. Col. Eldridge Williams and how he was able to soar in life despite racism in the military. Produced by Bonny Johnson....


Haunted Lighthouse © Comcast. Written, produced, videography, and editing by Dreamcatcher Media. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADvgvgzb4sY


Awards Dreamcatcher Media is proud to be associated with Comcast. Our collaboration on the 10-part series "Comcast Celebrates South Florida Black History" resulted in winning a prestigious 2010 NAMIC Vision Award....


Ghost Stories from Fire Station #3, Part 1Ghost Stories from Fire Station #3, Part 1 © Comcast Produced, Directed, Written, Videography, and Post Production by Dreamcatcher Media http://youtu.be/7aHHczInT64



From the Core Critical album “The Human Condition”. Production by Full Moon Productions. Post production by Dreamcatcher Media.  

No Comprendo Baby!

From Core Critical’s album “The Human Condition”. Video production by Full Moon Productions. Postproduction by Dreamcatcher Media.  

Tryin’ to Seem Normal

From Core Critical’s album “The Human Condition”. Production by Full Moon Productions and post production by Dreamcatcher Media.  

Core Critical: “ANGRY” music video

Dreamcatcher Media, Inc. is the official United States representative of the international Miami-based rock band Core Critical. In addition to stateside management and public relations, Dreamcatcher Media produces all of the video, graphics, and web-based media for the band. Here is the music video for “ANGRY” from Core Critical’s new album The Human Condition (Available […]