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Unbroken Wings Part of a three episode Video On Demand series. Documentary on Tuskegee Airman Lt. Col. Eldridge Williams and how he was able to soar in life despite racism in the military. Produced by Bonny Johnson....


Haunted Lighthouse © Comcast. Written, produced, videography, and editing by Dreamcatcher Media. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADvgvgzb4sY


Awards Dreamcatcher Media is proud to be associated with Comcast. Our collaboration on the 10-part series "Comcast Celebrates South Florida Black History" resulted in winning a prestigious 2010 NAMIC Vision Award....


Ghost Stories from Fire Station #3, Part 1Ghost Stories from Fire Station #3, Part 1 © Comcast Produced, Directed, Written, Videography, and Post Production by Dreamcatcher Media http://youtu.be/7aHHczInT64


Attention Attorneys!

Video is a powerful tool for your practice. We specialize in emotional documentary and can create very powerful Mediation videos. Get higher settlements for your clients without going to trial.

Attention: Plastic/Cosmetic/Aesthetic Surgeons!

Your most powerful sales tool is the “Before & After” photo. Elevate your practice from your competitors by bringing your “Before & After” photos to life with Dreamcatcher Media VIDEO MORPHS! We can create as many video morphs for your website, waiting room, or industry conferences as you wish. Discount pricing for available for multiple […]


NOW AVAILABLE! “VIDEOGRAPHER’S BOOT CAMP™” Online instructional series for the beginning videography student. Skip the pain and learn from my 30+ years in the business to become a pro videographer! All the basics are covered including tips and tricks you don’t learn in school…you learn them from experience…my experience! (Contact for sales information to purchase […]

Core Critical Free eBook

Dreamcatcher Media produced “The Life Trilogy” eBook available for free download highlighting the all-original rock music of Bev Wills and Core Critical. Photos, video captures, and textures all combined to make a compelling and esoteric digital document that featured not only the lyrics and meanings behind the songs, but also the numerous sponsors who made […]

Demo Reel

Check out Derek Fremd’s latest demo reel. Call or email for more information or answers to any questions you may have. DEMO REEL

Muscles La’Bo™ Stories to Live By™

Muscles La’Bo™ “Stories to Live By”™…a delightful series of educational children’s stories targeted at the preschool and elementary school demographic. Seeking publishing opportunities. ©Myruski/Fremd

Naples Ferrari Club-Cars on Fifth Avenue

A great website for post production: myfreetextures.com

Check out myfreetextures.com for some very useful and high quality background textures.

Eldridge Williams, Tuskegee Airman

In this tribute video 94-year old Lt. Col. Eldridge Williams reminisces about his experiences as one of original Tuskegee Airmen in World War 2. Produced by Bonny Johnson. ©Comcast  


2011 Video for Glam-A-Thon’s annual Glam Doll Srut…raising dollars for the fight against breast cancer.