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Unbroken Wings Part of a three episode Video On Demand series. Documentary on Tuskegee Airman Lt. Col. Eldridge Williams and how he was able to soar in life despite racism in the military. Produced by Bonny Johnson....


Haunted Lighthouse © Comcast. Written, produced, videography, and editing by Dreamcatcher Media. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADvgvgzb4sY


Awards Dreamcatcher Media is proud to be associated with Comcast. Our collaboration on the 10-part series "Comcast Celebrates South Florida Black History" resulted in winning a prestigious 2010 NAMIC Vision Award....


Ghost Stories from Fire Station #3, Part 1Ghost Stories from Fire Station #3, Part 1 © Comcast Produced, Directed, Written, Videography, and Post Production by Dreamcatcher Media http://youtu.be/7aHHczInT64



Derek is one of the best photographer/editors I have ever worked with. After a client meeting to determine what the final result should look like, each project is apporached is a very methodical manner. I have been on dozens of field shoots with Derek and he consistently delivers an exemplary product. One intangible Derek also delivers is an oustanding demeanor and attitude. Despite the intesity of the job, he always seems to make it a fun experience. I wholeheartedly recommend Derek for a finished product that will exceed your expectations.

Spero Canton
Regional PR Director, Comcast


Dreamcatcher Media is an outstanding organization to work with for all your video needs. FAU’s College of Business has worked with the organization for  a number of years producing the annual Business Leader of the Year video shown at an event hosting over 600+ leaders of the business community at the Boca Resort and Country Club. The founder Derek Fremd is a consummate professional who understands the importance of the message being created through video. Mr. Fremd’s interviewing techniques help the participants to feel at ease to create the best tribute video for each of the honored business leaders. The high quality editing and his years experience provides an outstanding backdrop to create a moving video experience.

Kimberly Gramm
Executive Director, Adams Center for Entrepreneurship

When it comes to creativity and passion for his work, I have never met a more dedicated and talented producer/director than Derek Fremd. Thanks to Derek’s vision and skill we have the exact finished product that we had hoped for and look forward to working with Derek on many future projects. It isn’t often that a creative partnership actually blossoms into a friendship, but working with Dreamcatcher Media provided just that. Derek’s graceful ability to ‘guide the process’ was what we needed to create a superb piece. Derek has added another Raving Fan to his arsenal of client supporters!

My sincere thanks,

Tammy Gail
Chief Marketing Officer
Glam-A-THON, Glam Doll Strut & Diva Las Olas
Floridata Capital Assets Group, Inc.

As a project manager for Warner Bros. Publications I hired Derek on many occasions to help us produce instructional and entertainment music videos. At varying times we used Derek as a camera and crew director, video editor, and contractor — hiring all needed personnel and supplying all services for each shoot. In all respects Derek was always great to work with. He is efficient, professional, dependable and very enjoyable to work with.

Aaron Stang
Aquisition Editor
Alfred Music Publishing Co., Inc.

I had the pleasure of working with Derek many times over the years while I was producing videos with Warner Bros. Publications, and found him to be one of the most reliable and professional people I’ve ever worked with. His deep knowledge of video production since the days of analog is invaluable in today’s ever-changing industry and he applies that to every situation he comes across. But most importantly, I know that if Derek is on the job I can breathe easy knowing that he’ll be doing everything in his power to deliver a high quality product on time and according to my needs. Highly recommended!

Yoni Leviatan
Social Media & Web Marketing
Waves Audio

Derek…I have to commend you on your endings. They are fantastic. No abrupt, startling appearance of black screens; no fade to confusion, no burning longing to hear more because we haven’t heard enough. Each piece is ready to end, and does so in a most eloquent, honest, and expected way. That is not easy to do. But you have repeatedly done it. Great work. Super.

Rev. Bill Koch
Southeast Regional Conference Minister
The Florida Conference of The United Church of Christ

Personally I have always appreciated Derek’s integrity, consummate professionalism and high expectations of himself and his work; he is not content with “good enough”. He knows his business, and that was a great source of comfort to me, as I came to depend increasingly upon his judgment with regard to artistic decisions. He understood what we were trying to do with our particular program, and was able to put himself into our shoes, helping us accomplish our goal maintaining an exceptional standard for religious programming.

The Rev. Dr. Priscilla Felisky Whitehead
Associate Minister
The Church by the Sea
Bal Harbour, Florida

Derek has an imaginative, and inquiring mind. He handles well the knowledge and skills that are uniquely his, and is remarkably creative. Never prone to neglect those disciplines by which one is prepared to go on learning and growing as the years pass, Derek is able to ensure the results of his work are worthy of his effort and his contemporaries’ attention.

His personal life is characterized by spiritual vitality, unquestioned integrity, and a sincere sensitivity and concern for others. He accepts responsibility for work that needs to be done and is worth doing. Derek has a commitment to excellence, a high energy level, resiliency, and an excellent sense of team work and cooperation. He is loyal beyond a doubt.

The Rev. Dr. David Rees
Senior Minister (Ret.)
The Church by the Sea
Bal Harbour, Florida